Sharan Jain welcomed everyone to the evening meeting. After the pledge, remarks by Justin, and the reciting of the Four Way Test, Sharan told us about a special Rotary event that took place when the astronaut Buzz Aldrin went to the moon and planted a Rotary’s Four Way Test pin on the moon’s surface.
It was very special to induct Kevin Fellin into the club as a regular club member as his wife Christine looked on. Kevin has long been an active Friend of Rotary, and now he will have all of the benefits of a full time member.   Rotary Club of New Brunswick - Newsletter   The newly svelte former Rotarian, Beth Binde, attended our club meeting. Beth was warmly greeted and mentioned that she wants to become a member of Friends of Rotary. Beth will try to attend our club’s meetings when she can. She was especially delighted to learn about the buffet meals, and she said she may even be able to come to some of our lunch meetings as she would be able to leave the luncheon in a timely fashion.