At the meeting of our Club on Aug 18, we inducted two new members:

  1. Thomas J. Carto - President and CEO of New Jersey State Theater
  2. Dr. Scott Taylor - Superintendent of Highland Park Schools

We welcome these distinguished individuals to our club and look forward to their active participation in Club's activities and for their initiatives in new projects for the benefit of the local communities.


At the meeting, Sharan Jain also advised that the Board has approved participation in following District events:

  • Eat, Drink and Share event on Nov 14
  • Vocational Assembly on October 5
  • Grants Seminar on Oct 15

As part of the District initiative, our Club would try to organize a joint local community project together with Dunellen- Greenbrook Rotary Club. All members are requested to pass on their ideas and suggestions for such a project to Roz Shaw.

The Club will cancel its regular meeting on Thursday March 2 evening as we have now scheduled Rags to Runway event same evening.